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We wish you happy shopping in our uggs outlet black friday outlet. Recently, Petra moved to an apartment in the same Chelsea square as her family home. It has clearly come as a terrible shock that her parents are now divorced after 24 years of marriage. (In fact, it seems to have been as much of a shock to Bernie, who initially declared, when Slavica left the marital home, that it was because she uggs factory outlet australia wanted to get away from the builders. And he was apparently unaware of last month's brief High Court hearing which issued the decree nisi, telling reporters, 'I didn't have a clue about it.') There have been suggestions that Slavica could walk away with half of Bernie's estimated 2.4 billion fortune the largest divorce settlement in British history. But Petra just seems deflated, and was recently snapped by paparazzi crying outside the family home. 'I'm not taking sides at all,' she says, sadly. Is there any prospect of uggs outlet kissimmee her parents reconciling? 'It's every girl's dream,' she says, brightening up, 'and there's always hope, but I guess you have to accept reality. I'm really grateful for what I've had over the past 20 years and we're all still talking.' In fact, while her mother has been off travelling, Petra has been taking care not only of her mother's bulldog Lola, but also of lonely Bernie uggs outlet arizona himself. 'He comes round in the evening to have dinner,' she says, and I am suddenly visited by uggs outlet gloves a disconcerting mental image of little Bernie and the bulldog being comforted together on a silken cushion. uggs outlet online cheap ugg uk boots cheap quality uggs ugg boots outlet coupon ugg factory outlet riverhead
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